Much of the work we undertook in lockdown seems to have passed into history so quickly. Communal art, recordings, projects and initiatives to keep communities together even when we couldn’t meet in person.

One such idea was DO NOT BE AFRAID, the installation of six angels in the ceiling space of St James’ Church, Hill on November 29th 2020.

The little angel colony, suspended as a mobile, danced gently in the slow air currents of the church even as the main body of the community were locked out for the whole of Christmas and could not share time together in person.

To accompany the visual spectacle, six of my friends donated recordings of them reading the angels’ words from the Gospel of Luke. And I mixed a track to reflect this installation. There are three versions still available on my personal Bandcamp account, and I’ve embedded the content below. Do enjoy.

models of angels suspended from the ceiling of a church.





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