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  • New Year Resolutions?

    New Year Resolutions?

    I’m 10% into the “new” year, and not yet set on anything I want to change so badly I’ll make it a special focus. I guess I need to make more good music, lead more sung worship in the churches that ask me to, work harder with some of my friends on our collaborative efforts, […]



    Much of the work we undertook in lockdown seems to have passed into history so quickly. Communal art, recordings, projects and initiatives to keep communities together even when we couldn’t meet in person. One such idea was DO NOT BE AFRAID, the installation of six angels in the ceiling space of St James’ Church, Hill […]

  • Glory and Grace

    Glory and Grace

    It’s coming up to that time of year again when we can dust off the old classics and rehearse our Advent and Christmas repertoire. It’s also time to scrabble around for new material to keep our minds busy and our voices fresh… but where to begin? I’m certainly not qualified to tell you where to […]

  • Three years since the rains

    Three years since the rains

    Three years ago today we delivered Noah and the Ark, a primary school musical theatre piece for adult male soloist (Noah), children’s choir, piano and percussion (storm/voice of God). It was a wonderful project to deliver in the church setting, and was performed later in the year to the whole school by Year 2 on […]