Community Choir

As part of my work for St Matthew’s Church, I run a community choir on Wednesday evenings at 19:30. We meet in the church centre (St Matthew’s Close, on the right as you enter the close) in the Main Hall and we share a hot drink and chocolate biscuits before spending a happy hour singing together.

The interim report on our first term’s work noted that plenty of people have become involved. More than 50% of all the people ever to come have been at least six times. One member has attended every rehearsal since we began.

If you come for ten weeks, you qualify for a badge. At 20 weeks there’s another, and so on until you arrive at 50 weeks. I’ve given out 18 badges so far, and I’m nearly at the point of needing the next level.

If you’re passing one evening, or at a loose end with nothing else to do… drop in and join us for an hour. It’s a warm and friendly group of people and they’re happy to see new faces at any time. Having said that, we’re about to hit the Christmas holidays. Maybe join us after new year – we’ll be back in the swing of things from January 4th.

The choir is supported with a generous gift from the Donald and Patricia Marsh Charitable Trust, administered by the Diocese of Lichfield to support our community music making.


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