New Year Resolutions?

I’m 10% into the “new” year, and not yet set on anything I want to change so badly I’ll make it a special focus.

I guess I need to make more good music, lead more sung worship in the churches that ask me to, work harder with some of my friends on our collaborative efforts, and generally keep a clean sheet.

I suppose my biggest resolution, were it to qualify, is also the thing I’ve been most looking forward to in February – do more cool stuff. On Feb 20th Joel Payne is coming to Walsall on his Doxecology tour, and it’s only a fiver to get in. Worth every penny.

And with that I leave you. What a wonderful gig it’s going to be. More soon, especially as I’m currently writing a commission, preparing for a musical theatre piece, and thinking about Easter!

Speaking of which, we’re doing all sorts of things this year in Walsall. If you’ve got things going on too, do let me know so we can cross-promote, collaborate, and celebrate the awesome stuff that’s happening in the town.


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