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Small Business Saturday – Free Assessment

I’m not usually one to bang the drum for small businesses, because I don’t think it’s the size of a business that matters so much as the service, the reach, the staff, the product and everything else that goes into a successful firm.

However, I’m encouraged by the increase in sole trading and small businesses I see around me, and I’m jumping on this particular bandwagon to lend my voice to the crowd. Yes, we’re small, but we are often passionate, direct, responsive, and able to focus more tightly on the needs of our customers.

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Make Friends Easily

Yesterday I had the pleasure of coffee with James Guerrini from Mediaraft. He’s a nice bloke, and it was great to introduce ourselves, identify some areas of overlap and chat about how we might work together or for each other in future, who we could introduce to one another and so forth.

Mediaraft is based in the Talent Navigator Enterprise Hub in Walsall, so they’re local too. I like this because it means working with people I can meet face to face from time to time rather than conducting everything by phone or e-mail.

How did this meeting come about? I managed to appear in a list of suggested accounts to follow on Twitter. You can follow Mediaraft here, and me by clicking on the feed to the right of this page. Of course, I’m a massive fan of Internet based collaboration, but to see it work this easily is heartening.

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Wallpaper Music

Tricky one this…

Most of the gigs I’ve ever done have been as a backing musician. Backing in a band, backing a choir, backing an event. Solo gigs have certainly happened in the context of a social or dinner event and therefore I have been a side attraction at best.

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Creative Walsall Network

I ran across a postcard advertising a Creative Network in my home town. Admittedly, I was in Walsall’s “New” Art Gallery, so local advertising is to be expected, but great nonetheless to see a Walsall Creative initiative.

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The Grey Goose in Aldridge

I received a text from my band leader last night, confirming the moment has finally arrived!

The Grey Goose Blues Band will be playing in Aldridge at the Red Lion, Station Road on Friday October 12th. Continue reading »

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