Notable School of Music

Notable School of Music operates in Aldridge, from the Mapseeker Studio on High St. Our grand opening will be on Thurday 8th May at 7:00pm.

We offer classes on a weekly basis which cover the following areas:

  • Musicology – a brief and bitesized history of the Western Classical music tradition. Linking this knowledge to…
  • Music Theory – How we write, structure, and understand music as expressed in the Western Classical tradition. This allows us to think about…
  • Composition – Thinking about the instruments available to us, how they work and how to write for them.
  • Interdisciplinary Thinking – how what we understand about music applies to other areas of study or types of music, and how they in turn influence our musical knowledge. Areas of thinking include:
    • The physics of music and sound.
    • Multi-modal artwork and collaboration (such as movie music).
    • Popular Music theory and practice, including how to write with chords.

We want to teach people of all ages about the fundamental patterns and principles of “Classical” music, and extend their learning by explaining where these patterns come from, how they are written and expressed, and why the system of music writing and composition works as it does. We aim to provide roots and context for learners to grasp.

For more information, or to express interest, please e-mail us.