Poppy Brass Band Project

This year we will have to make changes to the Remembrance Day parade in Aldridge. Working with the Royal British Legion and its partners, Aldridge Parish Church is putting together a band of local musicians to provide a hymn for the occasion, which will be shared online.

Do you play a brass instrument? We need your talent.

Not just brass instruments though. We’d love to hear from sax players too. Pick your part from the selection below, pick your backing track (one verse for Easy parts, 3 verses for everyone else) and simply play along while recording video or audio of yourself from a second device.

There are easy parts for most instruments, and standard parts for more. If you don’t see your instrument listed, just e-mail us at poppybrassband@gmail.com to request it. If, like trumpet, there is more than one option, you can do them both or just the one you fancy. We don’t mind. Just play your part.


We cannot and will not use video or audio recordings of a young person without parental consent. You can view the Safeguarding Policy of Aldridge Parish Church here: SAFEGUARDING

In order to process the video or audio file once it is uploaded, we also need you to fill out the form at the bottom of this page and hit SEND.

There is a special video on our YouTube channel just for you: https://youtu.be/Q46V_NS7O8I

Abide with me

InstrumentTranspositionStandard PartsEasy Parts
Trumpet, Cornet, Flugel HornB flatMelody
Easy Trumpet
Alto SaxophoneE flatHarmony Easy Alto Sax
Alto HornE flatHarmonyEasy Alto Sax
Tenor Horn E flatHarmonyEasy Alto Sax
French HornFHarmony
Tenor SaxophoneB flatHarmonyEasy Tenor Sax
Trombone (Treble Clef)
B flatHarmonyEasy Tenor Sax
Trombone (Bass Clef)ConcertHarmony
Easy Trombone
BassE flat
B flat

Backing Tracks

Most people need to record three verses. If you’re playing an easy part you have the option to record one verse.In both tracks there is an introduction and the organ will play along with you to set the speed and help you stay in tune. The click in the background of the recording is to help you stay in time.

The National Anthem

If you enjoy playing the hymn, and you’re comfortable with band parts, you can also join us for the National Anthem, by selecting a suitable part from the ones below.

Tips for a great recording

  • Find a quiet space to record yourself. Background noise such as pets or washing machines in the recording is difficult to remove later.
  • Take a few attempts to play along with the backing track until you’re comfortable with it.
  • Don’t worry about looking at the camera. Just read the music and enjoy playing.
  • This is for Remembrance services, so look smart if you can. Shirt with school tie, or band uniform if you have one. A white shirt is always good.
  • Watch this video if you are unclear, or e-mail us at poppybrassband@gmail.com

Sending us your recording

Once you have your recording, you can upload it to the project’s Dropbox folder here: UPLOAD

Registering a Young Person

We will use this information solely for the purposes of the Poppy Brass Band Project, and to let you know when the materials are published. A record of your consent will be kept for the purposes of safeguarding. This is a permitted use of personal data under our duties as defined by the General Data Protection Regulations. Find out more about our use of your data by e-mailing poppybrassband@gmail.com with your enquiry.

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