vox ignis

I write lots of bits and pieces of music, much of it suitable for church use.

I was delighted to be commissioned to write a Hope for Sutton Song to celebrate the launch of the Hope for Sutton Project at St James’ Church on October 4th 2018.


You can download the music for this song here (43KB pdf)

The lyrics are:

There is light in the darkest of days,
And it shines on the path to show the way.
Though it’s sometimes hard to keep my sense of time and place,
Nobody can take away my faith.

I will put my trust in someone who is greater than me,
Who takes my hand and tells me I am free;
And I will put my hope in the wings of the rising sun.
The dawn breaks and lights my way back home.

When I fall, or I stumble alone,
I reach out, to your hands that hold me firm.
Then you listen to my fears before you dry my eyes,
When I trust in you hope never dies.