Songwriting Competition

It’s June 1st, and the beginning of Summer.

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with a little competition. Why not write a song inspired by or quoting from the Psalms?

It’s free to enter, and although there is a small cash prize I’m hoping people will write for the joy of being creative and sharing their efforts with others.

Good luck if you enter. The deadline is July 4th, and the winner will be announced on Monday 13th July.


  • Hi Andrew,

    I have now a song, for soprano and piano, based on the lyric of Sir Walter Scott in his poem THE LADY OF THE LAKE, in which Ellen prays to the Virgin Mary for help and protection. Of course, this is New Testament material, but I wonder if such a work might be considered for this competition?

    If not, I suppose I might write a new lyric to the melody, but in view of the deadline I would like to avoid it. Anyway, let me know!


    • notejuste

      Dear Rodney,

      Thanks for asking in advance rather than taking a punt.

      On this occasion I believe it’s fairer to all if we stick to the Psalms as the source and/or inspiration for lyrics. I won’t denigrate Scott’s opus by trying to shoehorn it into the Psalms, as might seem tempting; but humbly suggest you submit an alternative that fits the brief, or as you say rewrite the lyric to suit. In either event, an ulterior motive of my little competition is to promote enjoyment in the process of creating art; and I hope you find it both enjoyable and fulfilling.

      Best of luck, Andrew

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