It’s Christmas

It’s not really Christmas. Not yet.

It’s not Christmas. I’m not daft. It’s seven months away.

But at the same time, I’d like to share a piece I’ve written that you might want to use at Christmas. Last year I fulfilled a bucket-list ambition and entered a composition competition with an original work for SATB.

Obviously, I didn’t win. It was my first attempt and although it’s simple enough in its happy lilting way, I should not have expected to beat nationally renowned writers to the prize.

I like it though, and a choir of sufficiently confident people with a conductor who isn’t afraid to count in funny time signatures should find it pleasing on the ear and easy enough to perform.

So here it is. Help yourself. I’m not charging for it, although I’d be grateful if you could credit me clearly if you do use it. If you charge for tickets when you sing it the offer of a couple of freebies would be nice too. I don’t guarantee I’ll take up the offer but it’s a lovely gesture to help us impoverished creatives!

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