A hymn for Trinity Sunday

I’m at it again. Do you want to join my merry band?

Literally in this case! We are recording the traditional hymn Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty for Trinity Sunday and everyone is welcome to get involved.

The text "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty in capitals, set on a dark background.

You can download musical parts below, and if you don’t see one for you I can arrange it and have it added in. No parts should challenge a student of Grade 4 (ABRSM) or above. Some won’t challenge a Grade 3 student.

Simply listen to the soundtrack on one device (on headphones) while recording yourself on another. (Ideally, with little or no background noise so we have an easy job to mix it.)

The Rules

  • Join in (the finished article will be used as part of Aldridge Parish Church’s Trinity Sunday service but everyone is invited to get involved)
  • Have fun
  • Sing or play with joyful abandon!

Uploading your File

You can refer to the Aldridge Parish Church website, or UPLOAD HERE to Dropbox.com – please upload files by the end of Thursday 4th June to give me time to mix and edit the track.


The lyrics are precisely as No. 95 in Hymns Ancient and Modern (A New Standard) if you have your copies to hand. Everybody sings the melody please. Let’s let the instruments take the strain for this one. More info is available on the Aldridge Parish Church Website, or you can download the lyrics here as a pdf.

The Backing Track

You can listen to and download the backing track here: https://soundcloud.com/notejuste/holy-holy-holy/s-VToVqhBkKpH

It has a backing click and a four bar intro to the first verse which begins at bar 5. Not on the score are three important things:

  1. Phrasing (I was in a massive hurry and I’m not a professional arranger for your instrument – you work out where to breathe, change direction, etc)
  2. A tempo change into the last verse. This will be made very clear by the click and the organ backing. Everyone except the tuba gets the melody in the final verse so enjoy yourself and play up.
  3. Complete dynamics and clear repeat markings – for the first three verses dynamics are Fortissimo, Forte, Mezzo Piano as marked on the score. There are four verses in total, so play the section bars 5-21 inclusive three times. The last verse should be pretty loud if you can. :o)

Individual Parts

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