Ascension Day Choir

This year my church was hoping to join others in our deanery for the annual Ascension Day service, but that clearly isn’t going to happen.

Screenshot of Garageband with multiple tracks.

I’ve been recording and publishing a couple of hymns every week with St James’ Church, and done a few projects with my “home” parish of Aldridge; and I’m hoping we can assemble a nice big virtual choir for a specific hymn.

We’re recording Crown Him with Many Crowns.

Everybody is invited and welcome. I’ve laid out some general directions below and you can sing your part in to join with us. It will be published here on Ascension Day and also form part of the Ascension Day celebration from St James which will appear on their Facebook page the same day.

First things first – the arrangement. We’re following Hymns Ancient and Modern (New Standard) no.147. The arrangement is exactly the same as this with a unison final verse. Individual parts can be downloaded as tablet-friendly pdfs below.

The trick is to listen to the backing track on headphones on one device while recording yourself (video or just audio) on another. If you record video of you singing, we’ll do our best to include you in the final video of the choir, provided you’re OK with me having that video and using it for such a purpose. If not, do let me know in the comments below.

Nobody will be named in the video as a participant, but your church can get a credit if you wish.

The technical bits:

All the parts files are stored on Dropbox, but you can access them from these links:

The backing tracks are hosted on Soundcloud, but only accessible via these links:

These are only guide vocals. I’m not a proper bass, and I’m only four fifths of a real tenor. A big thank-you to Rachel C from St James for providing the Soprano and Alto parts. Nobody needs to hear me singing those! Sing along as best you can, and send your best take direct to me.

You can directly upload the audio or video file to my Dropbox account here: UPLOAD

Alternatively, you can message me with the file on Facebook by clicking here:

If neither of these methods work, drop me a comment here and I’ll get back to you. Have fun, enjoy yourselves and let’s see what sort of a noise we can make together! Oh, and if you want your church credited on the final video, please also leave me a comment on this post when you upload your file.

Top tips for recording:

I can’t easily delete odd background noises like dogs, birdsong, small children, teenage angst or whatever, so try to find a quiet calm place to record. Take as many tries as you like, but only send me one file. I can work with people who aren’t perfect (I’m not too proud to auto-tune my bottom F sharps, and I can tweak the odd error) and I’d rather you were part of this than not. Oh, and SMILE. :o)

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