Short & Brutal

Today I have decided to tidy up a few odds and ends with regard to projects I’ve had on the boil or at least simmering away for the last couple of years. So, first out of the gate is Short and Brutal, a three player player game where the first to occupy and hold the centre ground wins.

I like the game idea because I always feel two against one (a la Blockbuster) is difficult to balance but painful experience as the eldest of three sons teaches me that in a world of constantly shifting allegiances it’s often easier to set one of your opponents against the other and sit back with the popcorn.

The official Short & Brutal logo, which simply features the words "Short & Brutal" in a block font.

There’s a vaguely Dwarven feel to this. I think it’s the sort of thing one can play on an upturned barrel with coppers as easily as on baize tables with actual rubies sapphires and diamonds as pieces. If anyone has some rubies sapphires and diamonds I can try that with, let me know. Many thanks to Vince at Asgard Games in Walsall who inspired some of the stuff behind the game, and let me playlets it there in January with some of my mates.

I’m publishing this as Print and Play, although I’m looking at getting some nice boards made up in due course that I can sell to enthusiastic fans. It’s also bearing in mind though that the design is simple enough you could make your own. One of my sons reckons he could etch the board onto a piece of wood using a laser cutter at school.

  • The Board: SnB-Board.pdf
  • The Rules: SnB-Rules.pdf
  • A stack of pieces for each player, ideally in their favourite colour. Glass beads are great, precious gems are more exciting, or even just three bags of different sweets. Humbugs vs. Imperials vs. Toffees…

And that’s it. If you want to throw me a little baksheesh to appreciate the effort, you can do so via this link here: Tip the man, Geoffrey

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