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One of the most joyous things I get to do as a musician is play for weddings. Tonight I’m off to Aldridge Parish Church to meet a bunch of happy couples getting married in the coming year to tell them about the music we can offer, and help them if they need any advice.

207163729_2c25c5230b_zIn case anyone is thinking of getting married, here’s everything I know about it:

  1. Don’t Panic. Really don’t. No music will outshine the wonderful promises you make as you get married, and the “right” music isn’t going to help the life you live together afterwards. It’s a part of the day, but it isn’t the point of the day.
  2. Talk to each other about it. Don’t simply assume your other half knows what you want by magic and will automatically choose music that suits you. Equally, don’t assume what you want will work for your future spouse. Talk.
  3. Ignore the magazines, unless they come with free sample CDs. There is no perfect model of wedding music to work from. Just think about what you want the music to say (and for goodness’ sake check the lyrics!) and everything else should all come together. Certainly seek advice and listen widely, but don’t feel constrained.
  4. Tell the musicians your plans in plenty of time, so they can practise. Then they’ll be at their best for your big day and you can get on with enjoying it.

Everything else is taste, style and window dressing. I don’t know anything about that. I’m a musician.

Organist in action by neofob via Flickr:


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