Computer Science

I have uploaded the first part of what will become Computer Science – my latest 2012 plaything.

The concept is really simple. I play piano for the most part. I like the way I can feel it and hear it at the same time in a way no digital substitute has ever made me feel. I like playing live and busking with other people and everything about being live rather than recorded.

However, computers make some very cool noises. They can create noises and moderate them digitally without any real technical understanding on my part and the more I do, the more I like it.

So I’m creating a release of computer music which I like and have enjoyed creating. The idea is simple – if you want it, you download it. For free if you want, or paid if you prefer. If you give me your e-mail address I’ll probably let you know when more stuff is added, and you can come back for the extra bits. Who knows how big it will be in the end, but I suspect not too huge.

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